St. Bridget School Quezon City

Calendar 2016-2017

03 October

Grade 10 St. Margaret Recollection

04 October

Grade 7 St. Martha Recollection

05 October

World Teachers' Day

07 October

First Friday Mass and Rosary Launching

10 October

Grade 8 St. Cecilia Recollection

12 October

Grade 7 St. Monica Recollection

14 October

Grade 6 Madasalin Recollection

17 October

Grade 7 St. Clare Recollection

20 October

Second Quarter Examinations (Day 1)

21 October

Second Quarter Exams (Day 2)

24 October

Second Quarter Exams (Day 3)

25 October

Grades and Evaluation Day

26 October

Half-day Classes

27 October

Mid-Year Assessment
Mid-Year Break for students only


News & Events

By: Ma. Janina Santos
6 – Madasalin

1966 saw the beginning of a small, humble center of learning- which now stands as a proud educational institution for bright minds and Christ-centered hearts. It’s been 50 solid years and our school, St. Bridget, has stood the test of time and for that we celebrate.

February 5, 6 and 7 were days of Jubilation for St. Bridget School, Quezon City as we celebrated our 50th anniversary. The first day, a Friday, opened with a community mass which...

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By: Veronica Fortuna of 10 St. Angela

St. Bridget School here in Quezon City will be celebrating its Golden anniversary this coming February 5 until February 7. These 50 years that began in 1966 until the present are filled with wonderful memories.
To mark this joyous occasion, the students, staff, and alumni are invited to join in the festivities in celebration of this milestone for the school.
The celebration will begin on February 5, where a lot of activities have been planned....

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BY: Pauline Francez C. Gordula, 6 Madasalin

PAASCU? Wait a minute—what is that?

PAASCU stands for Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities. The task of this association is to visit schools to check if those schools pass certain criteria. Should those schools pass, they will be given an accreditation. Schools who are accredited receive great opportunities.

PAASCU has certain objectives. Here are some of them:

1. To stimulate and integrate the efforts...

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