Aguhon: Compass

By: Zandralu Sibor 11-STEMLast September 30, 2017, the Children’s Museum and Library, Inc. (CMLI), organized an event in response to the issue of human rights that our country is currently facing. Senior High school students from different schools around Metro Manila gathered at the Faura Hall of the Ateneo de Manila University for a one-day youth conference entitled Aguhon: Fostering a Culture of Empowerment through the Recognition of Human Rights.

Aguhon, a Filipino word for compass, was placed in the title because, just like the instrument that is used to give direction by always pointing to the North, CMLI wanted to help the youth choose the right path towards their destination. CMLI would also like to inspire the young student leaders of the country to succeed by being fair to all, and not stepping on others. Likewise, it hopes to encourage them to help the country achieve peace, and freedom from corruption, discrimination, hate, and anger.

CMLI, in partnership with the Commission on Human Rights, invited several speakers to give us an idea about how the commission works and what its role in the country is. This is to refute the claims of those who say that the agency has not done anything good and is, thereby, useless. Such erroneous belief was seconded by the House of Representatives who decided to give the commission a budget of only Php1,000.00 for the year 2018.

In this one-day activity, we, the delegates from St. Bridget School were given the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge about the issues facing the Philippines right now. We were able to put what we learned into action by making a feasibility project, wherein we came up with a proposal that will center on the protection and implementation of human rights.

Being in an event like this gave us the chance to create something new beyond what we usually do in school, and interact with people aside from those inside our campus. CMLI deserves a big thank you for organizing this event, because it inspired us to engage ourselves in actions that will help shape the communities around us to be better versions of themselves.

Below are the SBS Senior High Student Delegates and their teacher-moderator:

Crissalyn Mae C. Asuncion
Karissa Lorraine C. De Leon
Joanne Marie D. Felix
Jean Viktoria S. Getubig
Jhastyn Irish Mae A. Guevarra
Christine T. Itchon Andrea Marie
lle P. OliverosPatricia C. Samson
Zandralu Sibor
Josh Trina P. Vasquez
Teacher: Ms. Divine Mercy M. Go

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