Our Philosophy


The St. Bridget School TEACHER is a valued partner of the RELIGIOUS OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD in the ministry to proclaim the message of Christ through education. As such, we believe:

⦁ we uphold the values of truth, honesty, diligence, and fortitude;
⦁ we model to our students simplicity, faith, and compassion with zeal;
⦁ every student is unique reflection of the image of our Creator;
⦁ every student is endowed with talents and gifts that must be nurtured to facilitate wholistic development;
⦁ learning involves listening to and affirming each student as we help her discover and enhance the richness of her individuality;
⦁ every teacher should encourage students to be life-long learners;
⦁ education should develop in our students a strong sense of being a Filipina with a global perspective;
⦁ education should lead our students to be sensitive and responsive to the plight of the poor and the less fortunate;
⦁ education should promote an authentic concern for the integrity of creation;
⦁ professional growth is the responsibility of every teacher.

We work,share, pray, and support each other as a community of professionals in Catholic education